I was born with insecurity;

The darkest birthmark I have. 

Sometimes, I'm able to hide it well.

Other times it shows through the different feelings I wear. 

Sometimes I forget it's there,

until I look in a mirror.

I suddenly become filled with uneasiness when I realize

Just how uncomfortable I am in my own damn skin.

I've had the time to remodel my heart.

Even gained enough strength to decorate my soul. 

How did I forget to love the outer layer

That protects the organs that keep me going? 

A hazardous scar;

It's like it's connected to my mind...

It tells me lies that I believe

And keeps me from feeling complete inside.

It forces me to compare myself to people,

People I don't even know.

And when I'm done, I'm picking myself apart in more ways than I can grow. 

I always second guess myself; I'm never sure if I'll be enough;

Good enough

Smart enough.

Pretty enough.


I make sure I'm too busy to meet up with friends

On days insecurity is demanding my attention.

Since I'm stuck with it, I'd like to learn how to love it. 

To nurture it, control it. 

Insecurity might sit on my skin, but doesn't run through my veins.

It shouldn’t have the power to make me weak or supply me with diffidence. 

So how will I take my mind back from my mark?

I'm learning that I first have to love what the mark is bonded to.


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