No shade, no tea, just words that you need

“There is nothing trapped inside of a person who has walked away from you” - Nola Jones

“Your obedience is for someone’s deliverance.” - Jerry Flowers

“Pain that does not get transformed gets transferred” - Unknown

“If a man delays his learning, he delays his service” -Watchman Nee

What you feed will grow, what you starve will die” -Unknown

“A man will never be able to hide the symptoms of a heartache” -Ambery

“Suffering comes to wake you up from your spiritual slumber and gets you to appreciate the actual hell God rescued you from” - Unknown

“You can’t stay in a pit when God called you to be in a palace” - Emy Moore

“Your new life is going to cost you your old life…. but the people meant for you will meet you on the other side” - TD Jakes

“Broken people can still love but they'll always end up cutting you. And trying to fix someone that is broken will only break you too” - Ambery

“Don’t put your gift above the giver” - Hayley Mulenda

“Whatever the condition of the heart is, the mouth will reflect it” - Watchman Nee

“Your past should be a point of reference not a prison” - Unknown

“Patterns speak louder than promises” - Colby F. Maier

Emotions are a good indicator, they are not a good compass” - Emy Moore

“You can only heal what you feel” - Kenneth Haugk

The area you worry the most in, is the area you trust God the least in” -Unknown 

You’ll never have peace where you’re not supposed to be” - Ambery

God gives you the clarity you need to take action, not the amount of clarity you want to feel comfortable” Dharius Daniels