Black men are magic too..

Black men are magic too..

I might've been hurt by some, but I've been loved by a few.

Forced to be brave in a world full of hate...

You carry yourself with grace regardless of the bullshit that's on your plate.

I see you. And I respect it.

You try to hide the pain in your eyes but, I see it...

I feel it too. 

You deserve to unpack what you've been carrying...

I know a place.

Don't be ashamed. If you need to heal, I'll be your aid.

I would never tear you down, believe me.

I wanna see you win.

Cause when you succeed, I thrive.

When I flourish, you prosper.

You continue pushing even when you're tired:

Let me be your muse.

I look at you, and I see strength. 

The color of your skin screams royalty

That's how I know you came from a Queen.

Its something about your presence... 

So powerful, I know you were born to be a King.

I want to build with you.

An empire filled with the peace you've been craving.

I'll give you the love you've been praying for.

Consistency you thought never existed.

See, black love is magic too.

A product of two beings who didn't have a clue what real love was

Created it from scratch.

That means they never gave up;

I'll never give up on you. 

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