I might be a hopeless romantic...
But I was really born to break hearts.
Done so well, I should honestly do it for a living.
I waste no time falling in love because I know I can get back up at any moment.
Falling out of love in seconds, just to start craving more within minutes.

A heart that’s never satisfied; Some might call me greedy. 
I get high off affection
And start fiending when I'm not getting enough attention.
I plan for my escapes as soon as I realize I’ve had enough.
They never seem to notice when I checkout mentally.
Sometimes it’s months later,
When I’m no longer affected emotionally.                                                             

I pray for the next victim I encounter;
If I’m unimpressed when he gives his all,
He may need to call a psychologist.
I would walk around with a “do not disturb" sign,
But these n****s would still follow after they see what’s behind me.
I could use you for your body just like you may plan to do with mine,
But you’ll end up falling and years later you’ll be calling me because you can’t stop reminiscing…
Walk away from me.

I'm nothing but danger
And that might excite you 
But your curiosity will not kill my cat; She has 9 lives
So your satisfaction will only leave you 6 feet under..
That’s 3 more seconds you have to get off my line.
I’m starting to think romance was never meant for me.
Staying hopeful that love will visit me has been nothing but draining
And I am exhausted;
Walk away from me.
I no longer crave for that 4 letter word
I’d rather do the one with 3 letters;
Actually, I’m good off that 
So I’ll stick to this two letter word:
No, means no.

Love has been a tug of war 
It may have gotten me in shape, but I don’t wanna play any more.
I am exhausted;
Walk away from me.

I dream of every else’s wedding except my own.
It’s starting to seem unrealistic that love will find me.
I stopped visualizing romance with those I’m intimate with a long time ago.
A hopeless romantic that stopped getting her hopes up.
I am exhausted;
Walk away from me...

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