I wish I had a choice in deciding what gets passed down to me.

A house, car, even a watch would be nice.

But what I didn't sign up for was anxiety.

The panic attacks fit me just right.

Like they were made specifically for me.

Don't get me started on the boxes of depression.

It was so much, I had to buy extra storage.

I did have money that was left for me once,

But my father took it and never said he was sorry.

Self-doubt was the family pet nobody wanted to keep

So of course it was forced on me. 

The clothes were decent

I guess the hats were fine too.

They kept people from looking at my eyes 

When I needed to break down and cry.

When it's my turn, 

I want to leave less than what they all left me.

The only thing I want my seed to inherit is inner peace.

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