The inner boy...

His inner child controlled him without him even noticing. He cried out so loud, I could hear him whenever I sat down next to the older version of himself.

I called him "Junior,"

A child that was missing something; love, compassion, self respect.

I've spent more time with Junior than I did with his equal.

They were so out of touch with each other, I think he did his best to avoid Junior. Probably why he doesn't care for mirrors or pictures.

I wish his mother gave him the love his older self doesn't know how to accept. Then maybe I wouldn't have to climb a fence to get to his heart.

I wish his father gave him more compliments so he would've known that it was okay to love himself. Then maybe he would know how to love me in return.

He doesn't take care of himself because Junior still needs to be nurtured. 

He doesn't see his worth because Junior is still searching for acceptance.

Protection from pain is the only thing he maintains.

He misses out on sunshine because he panics at the possibility of a storm coming his way.

He doesn’t plan for mountains to climb because risks frighten him.

Heights challenge him. Elevation makes him uncomfortable.

I believe Junior could motivate him to grow, but only if he stopped pretending that he couldn’t hear him.

He doesn't see how powerful he would be if him and Junior reunited.

I wish I could throw them a family reunion, but I don't have the strength to heal their wounds. 

I don't own glue strong enough to bond them together.

I used all of it to peace myself with the little girl inside of me.

Junior needs peace. And so does he.

I tried to be that for him, but I am not enough. 

I wish them well.

I hope one day he starts to listen to Junior.

I pray they reconnect so he can become whole. 

And if I am no longer there to witness this beautiful transaction, I hope he finds true love that he deserves to melt in.

May their hands be gentle enough to care for his soul. 

And their heart, genuine enough to understand the man that he has became.

May they both acknowledge Junior...

The inner boy still needs to be loved while the man continues to grow. 



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